Hatchfi Dashboard Overview


The Hatchfi dashboard gives you a quick and easy way to manage your projects, analytics, billing, and more.

Dashboard Overview

  • Dashboard Analytics - data analytics for your apps with Hatchfi

  • Projects - project-based key access to access the Hatchfi API

  • Docs - you are here

  • Learn - important guides, docs, and other learning content

  • Profile & Billing - manage your billing and profile information

Dashboard Analytics

Our dashboard analytics gives you a complete overview of your project usage data, billing (coming soon), and more. Currently, we support the following data:

  • Connections - the total amount of accounts your users have connected via Hatchfi API

  • Users - the total amount of users on your app that has connected accounts or wallets

  • Transactions - the total amount of transactions stored in Hatchfi

Dashboard Projects

Projects are what you create to access the Hatchfi API. Each project has dedicated credentials that are meant for a single application. For example, if you are building two separate apps with the Hatchfi API, you'd create a project for each app within the Hatchfi Dashboard.