Hatchfi Link Getting Started

Hatchfi Link is a plug-and-play front-end component that helps you streamline the onboarding experience of your customers' crypto data.

Hatchfi Link will handle credential validation via Oauth, API credentials, and wallet addresses. Hatchfi Link will also perform error handling for each provider integration we support. Hatchfi Link can be implemented within an iframe or as a stand-alone browser tab. Hatchfi Link also supports and works across all modern browsers and platforms.


Hatchfi Link takes four parameters; however, only two are required.

clientIdThe client ID of your projectyes
tokenThe user's session tokenyes
redirectA boolean valueno
providerA pre-determined providers nameno

Building the URL

Building Hatchfi Link's URL is quick and easy. You'll start with the required parameters.


Hatchfi Link Redirect

If you'd like to redirect your users and you've provided a redirect URL in your project settings, you can append &redirect=true to the URL string.


Hatchfi Link Pre-determined Provider

You may often want to guide your users through a pre-determined provider connection. With Hatchfi Link, you can easily do this by passing &provider=name into the URL string.


Complete Hatchfi Link Example