Hatchfi API Webhooks


Webhooks are currently being tested and improved, we appreciate your feedback!

What are webhooks used for in Hatchfi?

Webhooks allow developers to react to account sync and connection statuses. When an end-user connects an account through Hatchfi, balances, and transactions are fetched from their appropriated endpoint. Balances are fetched immediately, but transactions might take some time to pull down depending on the number of transactions and age of a crypto account. For transactions, we provide a status (seen below) that the developer can subscribe to get notified when an account has completed syncing.

Setting up webhooks

To set up webhooks, you'll need to be on the Startup or Enterprise subscription tier. Then you'll need to navigate to the Projects view in our dashboard.

Once there, you'll either create a new project or edit one you've already created.

In the "Webhook URL" section, enter the webhook that you've made for Hatchfi. Then you'll save or create the project.

Webhook response

When a webhook is fired off from Hatchfi, you'll receive a response like this:

   status: 'synced',
   accountId: 'account_id_here',
   userId: 'user_id_here'